Ways of Staying Cool


When summers come around it can be hard to beat the heat. Maybe a fan will suffice if you are lucky, but chances are you may need an air conditioner especially if it is an exceptionally hot summer. After all global warming is taking place. But installing an AC unit can be costly not to mention the high electric bills that come along with using it. So how do you keep cool without jacking up your electric bill? It’s simple really. Consider installing a smart air conditioner.

What Does a Smart AC Do?

Well, a smart AC basically connects to the Wi-Fi and can be controlled by an app on your smart phone or tablet. It is generally super easy to use and with it you can turn off/on, adjust the temperature and change the fan settings all from the convenience of your app. Woke up late and rushed out of your home without turning off the AC, don’t worry because now with the app you can simply turn off the AC. Tired and you want to come home to a cool house? No problem. Before you begin your journey home simply open the smart AC’s corresponding app and turn your AC on at your desired temperature. You can even set a schedule for your AC to turn on and off or to go into energy saving mode. Never worry again about high bills thanks to smart ACs.

Okay, so smart ACs sound good but where do you even begin the search for them? Finding stuff straight off Google can be kind of overwhelming so to help you out we have compiled a list of some of the top-tier smart ACs out there:

1.    Midea U Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner

This air conditioner is just what you’re looking for! It’s amazingly energy efficient. The Midea AC can lead to 35% more energy savings than most other ACs thanks to its advanced DC inverter technology. On top of this benefit it is also up to 9 times more quiet than other conventional AC units which means you can stream one of many shows from the WOW channel lineup without worrying about whether the sound quality will be affected plus you can also enjoy a much needed good night’s worth of sleep.

The AC also has a removable filter that can be washed which makes maintaining it a fairly easy task. In terms of installation it comes with support brackets that ensure your AC is securely installed within your window. Also you will still be able to open or close your window with the Midea U Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner so you don’t need to worry about not being able to enjoy the beautiful fresh air every so often.

As promised this device is extremely convenient as it can be controlled using the MideaAir app available on both the Play Store and the App Store. You can also use voice commands to control this AC unit as it supports integration with Alexa and Google Assistant.

2.     Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner

If you have been looking for the perfect portable AC unit that is going to cool the large living room of your house then this is probably your best bet. This AC unit effectively and efficiently can cool spaces up to 600 square feet rapidly. It doesn’t matter if you have high ceilings because this product will have you covered. The Frigidair Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner doesn’t include the word “portable” in its name for no reason. It has wheels underneath which makes moving it around a breeze. You won’t need to lift it and drag it around which could potentially cause you harm.

The AC’s filter is also easy to clean and washable and you really get the best bang for your buck since the AC’s filter can also dehumidify and purify the air. Those who suffer from allergies this one is definitely a worthy investment. The AC’s simple understated design also means it won’t be an eyesore no matter where you place it. Like most smart ACs it can be controlled via an app on your smart phone or tablet and can also be controlled through voice commands if you link it to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

3.    LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner

This sleek looking air conditioner by LG really does make life good. Its chic design and black color only serve to add to its appeal. After all black is always in fashion. This unit isn’t just all looks though as it delivers by being able to cool spaces that are as large as 450 square feet with its auto-swing vent. It also has 3 modes to suit your needs:

  • Fan mode: enable continuous air circulation
  • Cool mode: cools the room effectively and also can dehumidify the room on those very hot days.
  • Dry mode: helps make the air in the room less damp especially during rainy days.

The LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner can easily be moved around to any other location in the house to meet your cooling needs. It can be controlled using the SmartThinQ mobile application or by the remote which comes with the unit. It can also be integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to allow for voice commands. So once you are comfy on the sofa you no longer need to get up to switch the temperature or turn the unit on/off.

4.    Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Cylinder Portable Air Conditioner

With its interesting mesh grill design and cylindrical shape this portable AC unit is sure to stand out! And in a good way too. While many people prefer window AC units as they tend to cover a larger area better while producing less noise, the Frigidaire Gallery 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Cylinder Portable Air Conditioner is a great solution if you can’t install a window unit AC. This portable AC can cool an area of up to 550 square feet and you can easily set up a cooling schedule tailored to your needs.

You can easily control this AC by using the Frigidaire app that works on both iOS and Android devices.

On a Final Note

Smart ACs are a must-have if you don’t have central air conditioning. Yes, they can be a bit pricey but the long-term benefits are worth it. By scheduling and being able to control your AC unit while on-the-go you can significantly cut down on the money you spend on the electric bill annually.


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