Best Ways To Keep Your Air Conditioner Bills Low


Summer is one of the best times of the year if you live in a cold country like in the UK or any part of Europe or North America. However, it can get really uncomfortable if the temperature crosses 30 and you would require a generously cooled air conditioned home after a long day in the sweltering heat. It is the perfect cure during the hot summer days when the air feels like a hot blanket. Well, this means that your residential air conditioning unit needs to work super hard to keep your home cool throughout the day and you may end up getting a hefty electricity bill. During the summer days, energy consumption goes up a notch to make your home comfortable. Worry not, we have put together a list of tips to keep your air conditioner bills low this summer.

Let’s find out how to keep your air conditioner bills low

Save Bills while you sleep

This tip is no rocket science but it is also one of the most underrated tips when you think about energy consumption in general. If you haven’t given it a shot, we recommend you try to keep your residential air conditioning on throughout the day and switch it off at night. Here, there is a basic principle at work. The natural air during the night is cooler than the afternoon so you can get the benefit of that by switching off your AC and opening a window. This will also give you fresh natural air which is also good for your overall physical and financial health.

If there is enough breeze, you can also open the doors or windows on both sides to allow cross ventilation to cool your home. Moreover, your body doesn’t require the same temperature to sleep during the night which it needs during the day. So, by switching off your air conditioner at night, you can get a peaceful sleep along with savings. This is also the first tip given by any provider of air conditioning service london when you consult them about your energy consumption.

Set a Timer

When it comes to energy consumption and saving, every degree counts. So, you can set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature that doesn’t push your air conditioner to work too hard and makes you comfortable. During the summers, residential air conditioning london agencies recommend you to keep the thermostat between 22 and 24 degrees celsius. As a rule of thumb, you can try to set the temperature not less than 7-8 degrees than the outside temperature. So, if the temperature outside is 32 then your air conditioner must be set at 24 or 25 degrees and not less than that.

Moreover, you can also use a timer to automatically switch off the AC at night if you decide to keep it on before you sleep. If it is done manually, we tend to forget or sometimes just get lazy which can end up hurting us financially.


Keep the Sun Out

During the hot summer months, it is good to keep your home cool by keeping the sun out during the afternoon by using a shade or curtain. This will naturally keep your home a few degrees cooler and your air conditioner unit wouldn’t have to work too hard. When you can’t turn the sun down, you can at best add some shade to save your home from the scorching sun. You can use any type of shade like roller blinds, curtains, venetian blinds etc. Most air conditioning london agencies also suggest you to fix the air conditioning unit in the cooler side of the room if possible.

Turn off your Devices

All the electronics in your house including your TV, laptop, smartphones, oven etc generate great amounts of heat and your AC will have to keep up with these devices to maintain an ambient temperature. Also, by switching off your lights when not needed can help you save some bucks on your energy bills right away. Summer is also the best time when you can cook outside on the BBQ and enjoy quality time with your family and friends as your kitchen stove can also heat up your home.

Regular Maintenance

This is a common tip for any electronic device. You must make sure that your AC is serviced regularly and the filter is replaced or cleaned along with the coils. By doing so, your AC will not have to work harder. If you cannot do it yourself, you can call an efficient air conditioning repair services team for an annual maintenance check.

Wrapping Up

Now, we hope that you will make optimum use of your air conditioning unit and try to save some bucks on your energy bills this summer. Keep in mind to maintain a moderate temperature, set a timer and keep your AC clean. If you have any concern regarding the efficiency of your AC, you can contact an air conditioning repair london technician who can come in before the summer and help you save money.


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