ReSPR SeLF wearable ion emitter purifies the air you breathe round you



The ReSPR SeLF wearable air air purifier retains the air you breathe clear. This TSA-approved gadget makes use of highly effective ionization that bonds with small airborne contaminants—viruses, micro organism, pollen, and mud—inflicting them to fall to the bottom earlier than you breathe them in. In doing so, it creates a three-foot zone of greater than seven million charged ions that sanitize your respiratory house. Moreover, this wearable ion emitter is light-weight and whisper-silent, so you’ll hardly even bear in mind you’re carrying it. Plus, it requires no upkeep in any respect and has a easy, single-button operation. This gadget provides a layer of safety to your respiratory house and considerably will increase how a lot your masks can do. You received’t need to go wherever with out your wearable ion emitter.



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