Mount a Life-size T-Rex Head Trophy on Your Wall



Are you a type of individuals who likes to mount animal trophies in your wall, no matter whether or not or not you truly had been the one who slew the beast? Then have I acquired a prize on your assortment! This T-Rex trophy head will make an amazing addition to any wall and requires no precise dinosaur searching.

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The blokes at Etsy store Cakeboard Designs promote this resin and fiberglass dino head for the low, low value of $1199, which is a discount in terms of full-size dinosaur trophies. It measures 42″ excessive by 36″ extensive by 53″ deep in case you’ve acquired your tape measure out and are checking your obtainable wall house. Simply take a look at this factor with all of its pointy tooth and beady inexperienced eyes. However you’re not gonna get me now, T-Rex. Nope, you don’t even have these tiny arms to flail round hopelessly.

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If the full-size T-Rex is simply too huge on your wall or pockets, Cakeboard additionally makes a small (14.5″h) model that’s simply $100. Additionally they promote a 3-foot-long compsognathus statue and a large 20-foot-long postosuchus for true dinosaur connoisseurs.

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