Fashion translation services | Why seek translation from a professional company?


Translation has been firming its roots in every industry and niche. The world has become a global village. Businesses and all industries are now rooting to strive in the global market. With the ongoing demand for translation, it has become tough for businesses to meet translation needs. Translation needs and demands vary with the field and niche. Translation services offered for a legal or medical company could be different while working on fashion or beauty and cosmetics content. This is mainly because the target audiences and their preferences are different. Furthermore, while seeking for translation vendor, it is important to sort out the translation needs in advance and also prioritize the target audiences’ needs and preferences.

While working on the fashion translation it is extremely crucial to use the relevant terminology. The fashion industry has its terms and phrases that it uses internally for its content and its products. Translating the cosmetics, fashion, and beauty industries could be complex and hectic. The fashion industry alone could have many complications including the fabric, its cut, and the structure and pattern of the dress. Also, fashion trends often change very rapidly and drastically. Therefore, considering these is vital, and all these components also play a role in improving the SEO. The translation does not end with the conversion of text from one language to another literally and it rather involves many additional complex factors.

Here are a few of the fashion industry peculiarities that call for the translation to hit the potential customer rightly. Moreover, hiring a professional fashion translation company is also crucial to attaining accurate and maximum translation.

Foreign words

The fashion industry works with certain words and terms that only work in this arena. France being a hub of the fashion industry has many terms in French that describe a particular design, cut, or color and fabric with its shape and pattern. France is also home to the world’s finest beauty and cosmetics products. Loreal Paris, Klorane, and Dior are a few examples to mention. These brands and products rule the global beauty industry. All these products come with a handout and user manual which contain translations in more than one language. All these brands have to acquire professional cosmetics and beauty translation services to cater to audiences that speak languages other than French.  The changes are rapid in the fashion industry so adopting foreign terminology accordingly also needs to be quick and sudden. 

In addition, many times these words do have alternatives and meaningful replacements but people like to use foreign words because these are trendy and cool. However, to avoid a blunder using an inappropriate word to claim yourself trendy can invite embarrassing situations. Therefore, it is evident to hire a professional fashion translation company that has translators with relevant knowledge and familiarity to translate the content.

Cultural factor

Professional cosmetics and beauty translation services are also significant for the reason that they relate to cultural appropriateness. Fashion translation as well as beauty and cosmetics orbit around the cultural factors and traditions of the target audiences a lot. A Western fashion for instance can be rejected in an Asian country as the traditions and rituals are poles apart. Therefore, localizing fashion text according to cultural values is crucial. 

It requires taking care of two main areas mainly. 

Sizing system

Understanding the sizing system with accurate measurements is the primary factor. The common sizes available when buying clothes, footwear, and undergarments need to be checked. This is primarily important to note because the sizing system and measurements in the United States are different from those of the sizes common in European countries. Likewise, these could vary and be different in other continents of the world.

Hiring native translators

The second factor that is important to consider is always hiring the native translators. No one can understand and replicate their culture better than a native person who has been practicing that culture since his birth. Hiring a native translator for fashion, professional cosmetics, and beauty translation services makes you realize that a single word could have different implications in two countries where they speak the same language. For instance, ‘Pants’ is a word that they use in the United Kingdom for inners and underwear. Whereas the United States takes pants as a pair of trousers.

Why hire a professional fashion translation company?

The selection of a competent fashion translation company can be challenging and draining. However, you need to be clear on certain factors that help you choose the best company in town. Localizing the fashion content is important before translating it. So that the sizing, terminology questions, and concerns can be addressed clearly.

  • You should also check your translation vendor for their experience in the same field. Approaching their previous clients can also help with making a wise decision.
  • Native translators not only help with the local language dialects but also help to navigate through challenges relevant to cultural appropriateness.
  • Subject matter expertise is another significant factor that cannot be ignored while selecting a translation company. This subject is complex and comes with a lot of challenges.


Fashion translation is a challenging field. The translation of fashion content comes with numerous challenges and terminology issues therefore it is important to hire only a professional translation company with subject matter expertise. Also, it is important to understand why the fashion industry requires translation and how it can benefit the global fashion and beauty industry.


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