Why did I choose to study abroad at an International school in Japan?

international school in japan, school admission enquiry form
international school in japan, school admission enquiry form

You must have pictured it as beautiful and welcoming, with many friendly people, a well-established education system, and good food. Something that will be your one-stop solution allowing you to have everything in one place. And Japan fulfils all of these.

Japan is the most welcoming country in the world, where a million students study. The country is an accurate combination of traditions and modernisation. As a result, many people put Japan on their bucket lists.

In this blog, I have listed why I applied to an international school in Japan.

  1. Excellent Education Programs: Many cities in Japan, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa, and Osaka, offers study programs that attract global students. Therefore, Japan has become one of the top education-providing countries in the world. Be it elementary or high school- Japan commits to providing quality education. Some degree programs are Economic, Arts, STEM, Business, and Technology.
  2. Delicious Food: Before going abroad to study, every student is apprehensive about the country’s food. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about food in Japan. It serves the best Japanese delicacies right on your plate. Students can find affordable and tasty food everywhere.
  3. Employment Opportunities: Every year, Japan’s economy grows, creating job opportunities for many. Also, there are ample chances for English speakers. Japanese employers give importance to people who can speak both languages, i.e., Japanese and English. So, you can find a job immediately after completing your schooling in Japan.
  4. Safe country: Japan is the safest country in the world. So, you can study in Japan without worrying about your safety. The crime rates are low, it will surely make you feel secure, and you can wander any time of the day. Even parents can rest assured knowing their child is studying in Japan.
  5. Cleanliness at its Peak: Students studying in Japan reveals that it is the most hygienic country. You will hardly find litter on Japanese streets.
  6. Easy transportation: One concern for students is transportation facilities abroad. Nevertheless, you don’t have to think the same in Japan. It is a travel-friendly country. The transport is comfortable and reliable. Also, students don’t have to travel in traffic via roads because trains are punctual. Therefore, they would hardly get late.
  7. Japan’s culture: Even though Japan is technologically advanced, they are cultured. Students will learn a lot from Japanese culture, the important being culture. Furthermore, the country is historically rich. 
  8. Tons of programs: Japan offers top-notch educational programs to students worldwide. The programs match the international levels. Also, these programs allow you to get a job anywhere quickly. So, remember that tons of opportunities will knock on your door if you study in Japan.
  9. Quality of life: Your life will take a 360 degrees turn and improves when you study in Japan. You inculcate great values of life from this country.

So, fill out your school admission enquiry form and study at the best location in the world.

Don’t wait anymore thinking about where to study abroad. Take admission to top universities or schools in Japan and kick off your exciting journey. Living and completing study in Japan has been a wonderful experience as it allowed me to study and learn outside my educational syllabus. In addition, my quality of life has improved, and I have become more kind to others. Such values helped me grab endless opportunities and will surely help you do the same and stand out from others. Undoubtedly, it is a win-win-win situation.


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