Washer Dryer Combination: The Bare Essentials



Saving space can be just as important as saving money. That is why many appliance manufacturers are offering combination washer dryers in addition to their other models. This appliance gives a household the advantage of having two machines in one that saves space. Unlike a stackable washer dryer, it operates as one compact stand alone machine. This allows consumers who live in a studio apartment or small homes to have a laundry facility that otherwise could not fit conventional side by side or stackable washers and dryers. Here is some information to determine whether your household would benefit from investing in a washer dryer combo.

Advantages of a Washer and Dryer Combination

The washer dryer combination has several advantages over other laundry systems since not only does it take less space it also costs less. The purchase price is generally lower than other washer and dryer systems. Also the combo is more energy efficient and uses less water and energy than stackable and stand alone washing machines and dryers. Most of them use a front load system to further improve their efficiency.

Most models are easy to install. Models can be purchased that do not require special venting or a specialized waterline since they can be connected to a faucet. Most of these machines are portable with wheel attachments that allow them to be moved into outsight or convenient storages. As for features, the small size of the washer dryer combo may have little cost. There are brands and models available that share features similar to stackable and stand alone washing machines and dryers such as steam cycle technology and customizable programming.


While the small size of a combination washer dryer has several benefits that are also some costs associated with these models. One of the key disadvantages is that the load size is significantly smaller than stackable or stand alone washing and drying machines. Even the largest models available do not have the functional capacity process loads greater than about twenty pounds. This is also further complicated by the fact that most of them have a lower load capacity for their drying cycle. The user often has to remove clothing articles and dry their laundry in two loads instead of one. The result is that it is much more time consuming to use.

Another disadvantage is that there is a limited selection in model and manufacturers of combination washers and dryers especially in the United States.

Is a Washer Dryer Combo Right for My Household?

Apart from the availability of space there are several factors to consider before investing in a combination washer dryer for your household. With the limited load size of a combo, one of the most important points to consider is whether the functionality of the machine will meet the needs of your household. The capacity restriction does make a combo impractical if there is a high demand for usage.

Location of the household affects the availability of combination washer dryers. In general the greater popularity of combination washers and dryers in the United Kingdom and Europe also means that more manufacturers' brands and models are available there. The United States is an emerging market for combination washer dryers. Several brands and are available but certain manufacturers do not have a market presence in North America. By reviewing manufacturers' information and consulting with washer and dryer reviews it is possible to learn about the brands and models available in your area.

Powder Detergent vs. Liquid Detergent

The manufacturing specifications of most combination washers and dryers require liquid detergent to be used for the wash cycle.

Determining the Best Combination Washer Dryer?

As with most major household household investments it is best to acquire as much information as possible. Compared to stackable and stand alone machines, there are fewer models of combination washer dryers available. There are several brands available to consumers with different features, function and capacity. It is important to understand the needs of your household before making a purchase. Acknowledgment that each household has unique needs the answer to this question is unique. One of the best ways to determine which brand and model is right for your household is to read washer and dryer reviews.


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