Samsonite & Google launch Jacquard backpacks: How they work





(Pocket-lint) – Samsonite has launched two backpacks outfitted with Google’s Jacquard expertise, which implies their cloth can sense your contact.

A part of the Konnect-I vary, the brand new backpacks are available in two sizes: One customary for $230, and a slimmer one for $200. They every have pockets and dividers, and so they work very similar to the $880 Yves Saint Laurent Cit-E backpack that beforehand launched with Jacquard. When you cost up the Jacquard module on the left shoulder strap with the included micro USB cable, the backpacks can recognise and reply to gestures that you have assigned actions.

The Jacquard module is detachable; it clicks into place through pins on the shoulder strap. It vibrates when it’s put in and able to use. You then open the Jacquard cellular app for iOS or Android to program your gestures and actions. It really works with 4 gestures at launch: Brush up, brush down, double faucet, and canopy.

As an example, with a brush up gesture, you might invoke the play/pause or skip tracks motion. Or, you might brush down to select up cellphone calls. You could possibly additionally set a gesture to drop a pin in Google Maps once you’re strolling and see one thing cool to recollect later. You could possibly even set the LED on the module to flash once you use a gesture, which may be helpful for nighttime makes use of.

Each the Samsonite Konnect-i backpacks can be found now by Samsonite’s web site within the US.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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