Pikachu + Chewbacca = Pikachewie



Given all of the things that Disney has purchased over the years, we’re surprised they have yet to buy Nintendo or at least the Pokémon franchise. If they did, they’d probably create some crazy Star Wars / Pokémon mashup merch. For now, we’ve got fans to make us some cool toys instead.

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What you’re looking at here is what would happen in the unlikely event that Chewbacca and a Pikachu had a child. Isn’t Pikachewie is adorable? I mean not as cute as Baby Yoda, but he’d give Baby Groot a run for his money for sure. This fun mashup figure comes from custom toy maker Kody Koala, whose Etsy shop is loaded with weird and wonderful creations, like a buff version of the Domino’s Pizza Noid, a pudgy Sonic the Hedgehog, and Waluigi in a mech suit.

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Pikachewie measures about 3.5″ tall and is made from cast resin with custom paint to give him his cherubic red cheeks. So trainers, get out your Poké Balls now and head over to Etsy, where you can catch this little guy for just $19. Just don’t make him mad or he might try and rip your other figures arms off.



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