Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Egg Cups Are All They’re Cracked As much as Be



Eggs. I love them scrambled, over-easy, in an omelette, on top of a burger, poached, or boiled. And potatoes aren’t too shabby either, but they’re just not as healthy for you as eggs are. Well, now you can enjoy potatoes with your eggs without the added carbs, thanks to these Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Egg Cups.

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Collectible swag maker and gift maker Paladone created these officially-licensed egg cups based on the starchy couple as they appear in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story series. They’ll give your hard or soft-boiled eggs a fresh new look, and let you play dress-up at the dining table every day. Simply put your egg in those waist-high potato pants, then pop on the hair, ears, and eyeballs (which are all one piece.) Voila! Eggs and potatoes living in perfect harmony.

Warning: Don’t attempt to do the same with a regular Mr. Potato Head toy, or you’ll end up with a mess on your hands as you try to poke the eyes through the eggshell.

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Naturally, they’re sold as a set of two, because Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are inseparable, and they won’t let any old fry gal break them up. You can grab the pair over at Firebox for just $12.99. Now for some reason I am reminded of Humpty Dumpty.



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