Man Builds Creepy Facial Recognition Robotic with ‘Mind’ of a Furby



Seen right here wanting like a typical nuclear household of the long run, that is YouTuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER displaying off a facial recognition robotic (the one on the proper). It seems to be powered by a Furby contained in the clear plastic pc case, which is modeled after a basic Apple Macintosh. Fingers crossed it by no means acknowledges my face as a result of I’ll snub it publicly.

The facial recognition and monitoring are literally powered by a Raspberry Pi utilizing a digital camera in every of the pc’s eyes, the Furby behind the pc with the ribbon cables popping out of its eye sockets is simply there for adornment and so as to add an additional creepy issue. , as if this undertaking actually wanted a number of layers of creepiness.

I actually really feel like this factor belongs in a reboot of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Or a nightmare. Is there a distinction? Relies on who you ask. However if you happen to ask me, the reply shall be dictated by an anthropomorphic Magic 8-Ball.



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