Importance of Regular Maintenance and Replacement of RO System Components

RO water purifiers
RO water purifiers

These days, almost everyone understands the importance of drinking purified water and has a water purifier installed at home. Depending on the quality of water they get at home, they have an RO, UV or UF purifier installed, though RO is the most common of all. However, most of them still fail to understand why it is equally important to get RO systems serviced regularly and replace the RO system components whenever needed. 

In this article, let us try to understand the importance of regular maintenance and replacement of RO system components. 

Regular Maintenance of RO Systems

Regular maintenance of RO water purifiers is a crucial need. Without this, your purifier may not perform as efficiently as it should be. Its ability to get rid of all impurities from water reduces and you may end up getting impure water. This could lead to several health issues in the long run. So, make sure that you follow the right maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Most water purifier manufacturers have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) facility. Sign up for an AMC. With this, even if you forget to schedule a service, the technicians from the company will be present on the specified dates in the contract and will service the purifier. 

Even prior to the maintenance schedule, if you happen to notice any signs like different water taste, weird odour, leakage problem or noisy water filters, contact the customer service team immediately and call for a technician to attend to the appliance. 

Replacement of RO System Components

As important as it is to get your RO system maintained regularly, it is equally important to get the RO system components replaced on time. Over time, with regular wear and tear, several parts of the purifier lose their efficiency or fail to function properly. In such cases, these components have to be replaced at the earliest. 

The parts that generally need to be replacement in RO water purifiers include:

  • RO Membrane: In RO systems, there is a semipermeable membrane for filtering out suspended particles from raw water. This process happens continuously due to which the membrane needs to be replaced from time to time. While few manufacturers recommend replacing it once in six months, few others recommend a yearly replacement. It also depends on the TDS level of water. 
  • Carbon Filter: A carbon filter is responsible for removing chlorine and other such manmade pollutants from water. This filter needs replacement once in around six months so that the purifier functions properly and continues to dispense safe drinking water.  
  • Sediment Filter: Also referred to as a pre-filter, a sediment filter is used for removing dirt from raw water and ensures that these sediments don’t enter the RO membrane. This filter has to be cleaned regularly and replaced at least once in six months. Failing to replace it will also result in damages to the RO membrane. 

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Most of the advanced RO purifier models come with filter change indicators that show an indication when the filter has to be replaced. This makes it easier for you to know when it is the right time to replace the respective component. 

Apart from these regular maintenance schedules, make sure that you also keep the purifier clean by wiping the exterior from time to time. Follow the user manual to follow up for any service due. 

We hope you have now understood the importance of regular RO purifier maintenance and replacement of its components. We would suggest you to always hire a professional technician from an authorised service centre so that your purifier gets the best possible maintenance. 


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