How to Print a T-Shirt for a Great Memory? Custom Printing


Many people prefer to print or have t-shirts printed to personalize t-shirts that can be worn with pleasure in all seasons and can be used with any combination, or to turn them into special gifts. Because the t-shirts offered for sale in the market are mass produced, others always have the same t-shirt. Howeverpersonalized t-shirt printing allows everyone to wear any design they want. So how is custom t-shirt printing done?

You can find all the information in our content about the methods you can use to print t-shirts with a message you want or a cartoon or picture you like. Thus, you can have original t-shirt printing products for yourself and your loved ones and stand out even among the crowd.

How to Print a T-Shirt?

We can say that the patterns, designs and slogans on the t-shirts you wear are generally created through printing. So, let’s examine together how many different printing methods you can use to personalize your t-shirts.

How to Print a T-Shirt Using an Iron?

Did you know that you can iron prints on your own at home, which are generally preferred on t-shirts but can also be suitable for any outfit you want? Moreover, the materials are easy to find. Here are the materials you need to print t-shirts using an iron at home:

  • Scissors
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Stretch film
  • Iron
  • A4 printout of the design you will print
  • T-shirt

After preparing all the materials, cut the template you will use to the size of the area you will print. Then wrap this template with 3-4 layers of stretch film. In the meantime, it is useful to be careful not to create air bubbles while wrapping it with stretch film. Otherwise, the bubbles that form on your template will prevent the print from fully appearing on the t-shirt.

If air bubbles have formed, it is possible to disperse them by pressing on the bubbles. On the other hand, you need to cut off the excess stretch film with scissors. After this, lay your t-shirt on a hard surface so that you can apply it without wrinkling.

Place your stretch-wrapped template on the area you want to print on the t-shirt.

Then, place the wax paper over the template wrapped in stretch film and proceed with the ironing process. You can start ironing starting from the edges of the wax paper. You will complete the pressing process by moving the iron over the template for approximately 2-3 minutes.

How to Print a T-Shirt with Fabric Dyeing?

If you want the patterns on your t-shirts to be special to you, another method you can try is fabric dyeing and printing. Moreover, you will not even need to use a printing machine for this process. So, what are the materials required for t-shirt printing with fabric dyeing?

  • white cotton t-shirt
  • 3H or 7B pencil
  • fabric dye
  • Brush size 4 and 6mm
  • water container
  • Iron
  • Cardboard

The first step you need to take when starting the process is to draw the outline of the image you want to print on copy paper. You can perform this process with a 3H pen. You can leave the details and fine lines of the image for later.

If you are going to use a dark color t-shirt instead of a light color, it would be better to use crayons to print the pattern on copy paper. In addition, it will make your job easier if you photocopy the image you have prepared in the size you want to print.

When drawing on a t-shirt, you may choose to place a hard cardboard underneath the t-shirt. After these procedures, turn over the copy paper that you placed on the t-shirt so that it stays stable and draw your drawing again with a sharp-tipped 3H or 7B pencil . While doing this, make sure that you draw the drawing with sharp lines and clearly. Then, you can move on to painting the background of the image you have prepared.

Now that you have completed the necessary preparations for fabric dyeing and t-shirt printing up to this point, you can now move on to the application process to have an admirable t-shirt. In this sense, you can start painting with the color you prefer for the background of your t-shirt print. It is possible to prevent the paints from mixing by covering the areas you will paint with different colors with paper.

You can use a number 4 brush to color the detail drawings . You can color your drawing more easily by using a 6 mm flat brush to paint larger areas. After the painting process is completed, make the drawing clear by going over the lines with the contour.

Finally, after making sure that the dyes are dry, turn your t-shirt upside down and fix the printing application by going over it with an iron.

If you wish, you can give your loved ones both original and unique gifts by applying this printing method. However, if you prefer ready-made printing, which is an easier method, instead of applying all these steps,  we would like to point out that you can also benefit from the t-shirt printing service of your online printing house Matbuu with its professional and experienced team .

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How to Print T-Shirts with Sublimation Method?

The methods you can use for t-shirt printing are, of course, not limited to those we have listed before. Sublimation method, also known as transfer printing, is another method that will allow you to see the designs you want on your t-shirt. Sublimation, which means that a substance turns into a gas without turning from a solid to a liquid when heat is applied, can give you some clues about the application method. Because this is how the digital printing and dyeing process takes place.

Adjust your preferred image according to the t-shirt dimensions using software such as photo editing programs and Adobe Photoshop applications. In the next step, enter sharpness and contrast values ​​to get a more vibrant and bright look on the t-shirt. When printing using the sublimation printing method, you must set the press (heat and pressure) application temperature to 180 degrees and 90 seconds.

After all this, the ready image is printed on transfer paper from a jet printer containing sublimation ink. The printed transfer paper is pasted onto the t-shirt to be printed with the help of heat tapes. From this point on, the answer to the question of how to print t-shirts is given by press machines that weigh approximately one ton and offer the possibility of special printing. After the t-shirt placed in the press machine is pressed, your t-shirt with brand new patterns will be ready for use.

If you are wondering where to find a press machine, there is no need to worry. By choosing Matbuu, which instantly provides the best quality response to all your printing needs, you can order t-shirt printing for both yourself and your loved ones with sublimation printing technique.

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