Group Builds 1.four Million Lumen “World’s Brightest” Flashlight



How shiny is your flashlight? I solely have the one on my cellphone as a result of I’m fully unprepared for any type of emergency state of affairs. Nicely, presumably with the assumption that it needs to be daylight on a regular basis, the staff over at Hacksmith Industries took it upon themselves to construct a large, 1,414,224 lumen flashlight. I can already think about myself looking at it till I am going blind.

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The flashlight is illuminated by way of an array of fifty circuit boards, every with six particular person LEDs, for a complete of 300 lights, all magnified by a large Fresnel lens. And, after barely surviving 2020, I feel it makes the right flashlight for trying to find all of the damns I’ve left to present.

Holy smokes, that factor is shiny. Clearly, the one factor left to do is tape a bat-signal to the lens and see if I can’t trick Batman and Robin into exhibiting up at my subsequent birthday celebration. I hope they like Funfetti cake.



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