Geek Builds Digital Counter to Depend to a Googol (1 Adopted by a Hundred 0’s)



Suppose a billion is an enormous quantity? Effectively by most comparisons it definitely is, however a googol (10¹⁰⁰) is so astronomically giant that it comprises 10⁹¹ variety of billions. However did its ridiculously giant dimension cease YouTuber Look Mum No Laptop (aka Sam Battle) from constructing an digital counter to attempt to rely to it? It didn’t. Actually, I can’t even wrap my head across the dimension of a quantity that giant. Though to be honest my head isn’t very pliable, and my spouse typically argues it’s arduous.

Sam tried to construct the counter with “as a lot redundancy, sturdiness, repairability, and upgradability as doable,” with the intention of maintaining it operating his whole life. Which, supplied he lives an extended wholesome one, he estimates will finish round when the 14th numeral from the underside proper has modified. For reference, the full variety of grains of sand on earth is across the 22nd numeral, and Carl Sagan’s estimate for the full variety of elementary particles within the universe is across the 80th. Oh cool, my mind simply exploded.

The farthest left digit on the third row from the underside will tick over as soon as each 100-million years or so, and Sam admits that by the point the counter would ever attain a googol our solar could have lengthy exhausted its provide of power, his machine forgotten. Ultimately, it will likely be found by Jawas, who will salvage the machine for components to restore stolen droids or promote at their subsequent swamp meet. And that, at the very least for me, is a really comforting feeling.

[via BoingBoing]



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