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In today’s era of smart devices, Smartphones have emerged as a dominating force, revolutionizing the way people used to communicate with each other and access information. To stay competitive, every business knows the value of mobile apps that’s why there has been a steady increase in the app development industry. At the same time, businesses are mostly turning to Android app development, encouraged by the OS’ large community and huge user base. 

So, if you’re also looking to hire the best Android app development company in India, you should not overlook the skills that actually make them the best. Agree or not?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important skills that every Android app development company in India should possess. Having a better understanding of these skills will increase your chances of hiring the perfect development partner for your project. 

Top Skills Every Android App Development Company in India Should Possess

#1 Solid Grip on Programming Languages

Every Android app development company in India should have a team of adept app developers who are well-versed in Android native programming languages. If a developer lacks this basic skill, then there will be no guarantee that your project will succeed or fail. Now, you might be thinking about what programming languages should your development partner be well-versed in. Here’s the list – 

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Firebase
  • XML

#2 Understanding of Android UI Design

A unique app design is something that distinguishes your mobile app from thousands of other available options. The more intuitive the designs are, the more users will embrace the app. Your potential Android app development company in India should have an understanding of UI design principles. 

None of the users want to use an app that is unappealing and lags frequently. So, this skill is a must-have to watch out for. So, whenever, you hire an Android app development company in India, check other skills besides the development. 

#3 Cross-Platform Expertise 

Smartphones are widely used by different types of users, who prefer different platforms and operating systems, such as Android & iOS.

To cater to this diverse user base, big companies like Google & Apple are working on cross-platform solutions & frameworks that can run on different OS. This makes it important to hire an Android app development company in India that has cross-platform app development skills.

If you face any challenges while hiring Android app developers, you can seek guidance from a reputed Android app development company. They will provide you with the best professionals who have cross-platform expertise.

#4 Adaptive to Changing Environment 

Android development standards are constantly evolving, so the developers need to be agile and adaptable to the changing environment.

Moreover, Android app developers should be eager to acquire new skills and apply them during custom Android app development. This skill will help you hire committed developers who can meet all your Android app project expectations and requirements.

This skill will also help the developers to quickly adjust to the given project specifications while ensuring a smooth workflow for the businesses.

#5 Database Technologies

Mobile databases store structured information that meets development needs. That’s why every Android app development company in India should have a deep understanding of the latest database technologies as they have many advantages, such as –

  • Secure: Databases provide full protection against cyber attacks on Android applications. In DBMS, different user logins need to be authorized by the admin or owner.
  • Reliable: The Android app database contains valid data as the whole DBMS system activities depend on each other.
  • Accessible: The amazing DBMS’s Data Query Languages help Android app developers find the data they need in an app’s database in a matter of seconds. So, the information is readily available within databases.
  • Easy updates: DBMS has data manipulation language, which allows a smooth and easy update of the application database. So, you can enjoy easy updates if the developer is skilled in database technologies.

#6 Understanding of SDLC

Every Android app development company in India should know the logic behind the development process and business decisions. Make sure the professional you select can recognize the important elements and features while planning the development process wisely.

This way, they can create an Android application that fully meets the business requirements and expectations. Like any other skill, verifying such android developer skills is essential before you go ahead with the hiring process.

#7 Smart Android Testing 

The process of Android app development does not end with its development. There are many more tasks that one has to do to ensure application success.

Yes, you heard it right! Besides development, android app testing is another vital thing that you have to handle. Performing thorough testing of an application is necessary to make the application totally free of errors.

Whether you hire Android app developers or consult a top Android app development company, ask the experts whether they can test your application well or not.

The professionals should have a good knowledge of the basics of testing and hence examine it with a sharp eye to remove all the bugs and errors.

#8 On-time Delivery 

Finishing the work within the agreed deadline is a skill few professionals possess. So, make sure to check this skill when you hire an Android app development company in India. 

That is why you should also check the work quality of the Android developer or an Android app development company to get an idea about the project delivery.

Discover the essential skills every top Android app development company in India should possess and enhance your project with expert knowledge and experience.

One of the best ways to do so is to talk to current clients who have used Android app development services from them. It will help you be confident in your decision.


The demand for Android apps has never been so high. Therefore, hiring an app development company in India is a decision you will never regret. 

But before hiring an Android app development company in India, you should check out the required skills mentioned in this blog. The company that fits in these skills should be your first consideration. 


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