11 Worst Locations Of The Legend Of Zelda To Move To


Fans of The Legend of Zelda will not want to move to some places, even though there are many good things to find there.

There are rolling meadows, magical forests, and strange, magical creatures in The Legend of Zelda. At first look, it seems like any of the many places would be great for settling down, maybe starting a family, and getting old. There are many bad things about living there, even though these places are great for The Legend of Zelda and its high-fantasy experiences.

It costs a lot to own land in Hyrule, any of its neighboring lands, or parallel dimensions, as many of the NPCs in all three games can confirm. Unbearable changes in the weather, broken pottery, and the constant fear of invasion would be enough to make even the toughest homeowners question their purchase of a title deed, deku flower or not.


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