10 Things Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Does Better Than Jet Set Radio


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is better than Jet Set Radio in a lot of important ways.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features Skateboarding

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One of the things that made Jet Set Radio such a unique game was that all of the main characters used rollerblades to get from one stage to the next. Going fast through the streets of Tokyo-To was a simple thrill that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk took full advantage of.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Makes Chaining Combos A Breeze

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Another thing that makes Jet Set Radio so fun to play again and again is that it lets players chain together tricks to get higher scores and just look awesome!The ‘Slide’ feature in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk makes trick chaining better.

The “slide” is a clever feature because it lets players keep their combo chains going while they move between grind rails or other parts of the stage. This is a huge improvement over Jet Set Radio because players will never miss out on high scores because they got lost on an empty part of the map.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features A Full Story

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Jet Set Radio had its own world with its own power systems and story, but the story wasn’t really important to the game.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, on the other hand, is much more focused on the story. The main character, Red, joins the Bomb Rush Crew to look for his lost head. There are a lot of cutscenes that bring the story to life, even though it’s not the most original.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features A More Expansive Soundtrack

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The original Jet Set Radio and its follow-up have amazing soundtracks that people still love, so this entry is not meant to be negative about the original score by the great producer Hideki Naganuma.

The Bomb Rush Cyberfunk soundtrack has a lot of new songs by new singers like 2 Mello and Dom Mclennon, as well as a lot of new songs by the great Naganuma. Making this change helps the game sound a little bigger!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Features Improved Grafitti Mechanics

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One of the most important parts of the original Jet Set Radio is that you could leave your mark on the streets of Tokyo-To by tagging walls. The way you tag things has been greatly improved in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, though.

With the new tagging system, players have to flick the stick quickly in certain ways to make a full shape. In turn, this makes the action feel more immediate and powerful. Plus, players can throw a lot more different pieces onto the walls, which makes the game look more interesting!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Allows Players To Use Parkour

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Jet Set Radio is known for how fast it moves. But because the game goes so fast, it can be hard for some players to line up their tricks. One way that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is better is that players can take off their skates whenever they want.

In this mode, players can stop moving and explore with more control. It also gives them a few extra ways to show off their skills. Sometimes players have to grind on rails and other times they have to run along the sides of walls.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Includes Bikes

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Biking, especially BMX, is one of the most famous dangerous sports equipments, maybe even more famous than rollerblades and skateboards. The good news is that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk knows this and lets players ride around town on this two-wheeled car.

If you want to see how the players feel, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is much better than Jet Set Radio!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Has A Photo Mode

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Would Bomb Rush Cyberfunk really be a current game if it didn’t let players take pictures while they’re walking around New Amsterdam?

You can use your phone inside Snake Game at any time to look at the map, check on tasks, or take pictures.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Is Multiplatform

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Many people still love the Jet Set Radio series, but it’s getting harder and harder to get both the original game and its follow-ups, especially on newer systems. The first Jet Set Radio can only be found on Steam. It’s not available on any other device. And to make things even worse, Jet Set Radio Future, the follow up, hasn’t been available since 2001 and is still only on the original Xbox.

Those who want to experience some of the huge style of the Jet Set Radio series can rest easy knowing that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is available for a number of current platforms, such as Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and the PS5.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Allows Free Play

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While Bomb Rush Cyberfunk doesn’t have a smooth open world, it does have an adventure-style gameplay that lets players explore different stages, which are linked by a hub level, at their own pace.

This makes Bomb Rush Cyberfunk be different from the first Jet Set Radio. The first game was more like a classic video game, with players having a set amount of time to complete certain tasks. Even though this makes the game more fun, many players find the time limits to be too strict. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is great because it lets players explore at their own speed!

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is now out for Nintendo Switch. It will be out on September 1st for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X.


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