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First impressions are always the most important. Real estate is not an exception! Everyone, even before entering a structure, allows their gaze to travel over the exterior and makes an opinion, if only subconsciously. That’s why it’s crucial to give adequate thought to the exterior facade’s design and renovation by Stucco Contractor NY before beginning any work on it. Fortunately, today there are many viable options to the basic, expressionless facade that produce desirable outcomes.

What are the alternatives for the exterior wall?

Decide if you want a traditional or contemporary look for the exterior of your home before you begin planning and designing the façade. In a previous piece, we laid out all of the possibilities for the exterior of the house. Current stucco made of Styrofoam is ideal if you want to decorate your facade traditionally while also making use of current materials. Coated stucco for exterior walls can withstand impacts while still looking both traditional and contemporary. Is there any additional benefit to using Styrofoam stucco in the present day?

Updated stucco

Stucco, especially contemporary varieties, serves multiple purposes as a cheap yet attractive decoration. This is exactly why contemporary stucco is no longer composed of plaster, but rather constructed of polystyrene hard foam. The external stucco is made of Styrofoam and coated with an impact-resistant finish, making it durable against the elements and every day wear and tear. Water-based, eco-friendly facade paints in any number of hues can be applied to the final stucco after the work is done by Flat Roof Contractors NY NY.

This is why outside Styrofoam stucco is a good idea!

Styrofoam is a low-cost and multipurpose contemporary construction material used by Empire Construction. But why should one go for Styrofoam stucco instead of traditional methods? Score one for stucco covering Styrofoam!

  • An extremely light mass.
  • strength against wear and tear and environmental factors.
  • Ability to stretch and bend.
  • Handiness and time-saving execution of the stucco job.
  • It’s simple to set up because you just stick it where you want it.

Results are worthy of a professional, without the need for consultants or specialist firms.

Styrofoam stucco is one of many options for creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Watch this video to see the many polystyrene stucco parts we manufacture for use in exterior building facades. We are a stucco producer that provides not only coated stucco moldings but an entire external stucco modular system that is simply put on after plastering and before gettting exterior painting services.

You may utilize the stucco to adorn your home’s exterior thanks to the modular design. You may find a large range of stucco parts and ornamental strips in our webshop to decorate your house facade. All the stucco moldings and decorations used by Residential Roofing Contractors NY NY on the facade can be mixed and matched. We meticulously prepared each stucco element, considered its many potential applications, and anticipated any difficulties that might emerge during installation.

Having complementary components that are the same size and stucco pattern as the decorative strips is another major benefit of the full stucco system. Locking elements and corner elements are just two examples of the supplemental pieces that come preassembled and help speed up and simplify the stucco installation process.

Exterior walls made of Styrofoam

The facade stucco, which is comprised of polystyrene and has a shockproof coating, can be utilized in a variety of ways on the external facade. The many stucco components allow for limitless creativity in designing the exterior of a home. Complete window sills with aluminum sheet coverings, facade profiles for window surrounds, eaves cornice strips, cornice profiles, ready-to-install window gable elements, and boss panels for the house corners and house base are all part of our exterior stucco selection by Local Law 11 contractor NY.

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