Improving Student’s Concentration and Focus for Effective Learning

ibdp Singapore, secondary education
ibdp Singapore, secondary education

Concentration among students is invaluable to supporting fruitful learning. But, many students are known to have shorter and broken concentration cycles that can hamper their knowledge-soaking ability. It can also slow the entire teaching process in a classroom.

The concern is that what the students are experiencing now in their classroom, if not handled properly, will be transferred to adulthood, thereby becoming big hurdles for their professional lives. Hence, it is important to do all that is effective in improving the concentration level among the students so that they grow up as better individuals.

So, starting at the primary level and continuing to secondary education, concentration plays a key role and calls for special attention. IBDP Singapore schools realize this basic fact and incorporate all required to lengthen and improve the concentration cycle among students during different classroom lessons.

What To Do To Improve Concentration and Focus Among Students

Keeping Lesson Short 

Proper lesson planning and breaking it into smaller segments involving different activities and participation will give the students maximum learning within their concentration span. 

Suppose the lesson is about 20 minutes long. So, breaking it down into sections that allow kids to switch from group activities to individual tasking to sharing and assessing each other work will keep their attention active, and they can better concentrate on the class.

Allowing Brain Breaks In Between Lessons 

Letting the students enjoy short breaks between lessons will allow students to concentrate with complete focus to facilitate quick learning. Three to five minutes of break time for the students let them refresh their minds and renew their concentration power.

Planning Proper Activities for Fast-Finishers 

Students work at varying paces, and some can complete their tasks faster than others. This can allow them to distract the attention of another classmate who has yet to finish the given job. 

Hence, prior planning of fast-finisher activities by teachers will also keep the quick one engaged and will not interrupt the focus of others. 

Do Not take Away Recess 

Recess is when students unwind from their stress and get a fresh brain to continue the rest of the day’s work. Physical activity is a great player in improving memory and increasing students’ concentration span. 

So, taking away recess or cutting it short might be a major stumbling block regarding improving students’ concentration. 

Practising Mindfulness Regularly 

Focus requires practising for most of us. And the best way to make students practice focus that can develop better concentration power is to add mindfulness activities into their daily routine seamlessly. 

Planning a short session of mindfulness tasks, especially when students need that extra push, will surely give positive results. 

Give Value to Physical Activities 

Incorporating different types of physical activities into a daily routine can greatly improve the active concentration span among students in the classroom. 

Teachers can use active games to make students practice and review different objects and matters, helping them learn in the most organic and fun-loving way. 

Memory Games Can Help

Students can be given different visually appealing memory games and allowed to play to improve their concentration process naturally. Games that involve the mind remembering things, like matching the same cards or memory games that can be played in the group, will help sharpen students’ concentration skills. 

Allowing Flexible Seating in the Classroom 

Allowing students various seating options in the classroom is considered a fruitful step in improving their learning. 

Instead of sticking to the traditional classroom setup with students sitting at their desks and chairs and facing the teacher all day long, allowing them the comfort to choose their sit plays a great role in cutting down the monotony and keeping the students more relaxed. 


Drop in concentration can be noticed in most of the kids as a student to a varying degree. Proper guidance and practising focus-improving habits can go a long way in improving the concentration and focus of students in a classroom.


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