6 Strategies to Incorporate Memes in Your Marketing Strategy


At least more than 60% of Gen Zs and Millennials share memes on social media platforms regularly. The only type of content that is more likely to be shared is travel pictures and infographics. Visual media has become an essential mode of communication today.

Recent surveys have found that over 50% of Millennials and Gen Zs share memes daily and weekly. More than 25% of meme receivers revealed that they get shared memes multiple times some day.

A question might arise in your mind: how can you create viral-worthy memes? That’s why utilizing mobile-friendly and authentic tools like the free meme maker is important. By making use of this, you can create memes that delight your audience, bring engagement, and widen your reach. Let’s take a look at 6 strategies to incorporate memes into your marketing strategy.

1. Post for Your Target Audiences

You do not have to use meme creation as a marketing strategy. It is because the viral memes arise authentically, just waiting to be generated. Anything can become a famous meme. Memes are usually harmless and are interpreted in a humorous way.

It would be best in case you have an idea of who your memes will appeal to while creating them. It is impossible to tell if your meme content can go viral or not. It is because its fame relies on the interests of your audience. Creating memes for the audiences in your niche will provide you with an emotional connection to your audience.

2. Think Creatively

The best memes need to be recognizable, such as images from a movie, stills from an important news event, and more. There, you can add your own twist and humor to attract people towards it. If you want innumerable meme templates that grab audience attention, leveraging the Bestmememaker tool is a wise choice. By doing so, you can access many meme templates for free.

Memes about political figures, politics, and inflation are mostly persistently famous. Taking the current and recent talking topics and creating memes in them will make them popular instantly.

3. An Authentic Sense of Humor

The universal truth of memes is that they never fail to make people laugh. In today’s digital world, many people utilize meme content to connect with strangers or friends as an escape from reality. Reports say that more than 30% of Gen Zs and millennials follow social media meme pages.

You should create memes by combining online trends with simple and humorous text. Humor could be subjective, but memes will not get popular without a bit of humor. You need to embrace the informality of memes and their ease of conveying information.

4. A Relatable Feeling

Memes have evolved into an integral communication tool thanks to their relevant nature. The appropriate mem has the distinct ability to communicate more meaning with just an image. Memes are partly utilized for comedic relief, but over 30% of Gen Z and Millennials utilize them to express their feelings. More than 25% of them utilize memes when they cannot discover proper words to express themselves.

Hence, a viral meme is a relatable meme. In many cases, it is important to keep in mind that a person is looking for a meme that is relevant to them. They want to watch something that is relevant and relatable. A famous accessory brand has collaborated with meme creators to promote their products.

5. Realistic Expressions

You do not need a massive budget, deep cuts from pop culture, or expensive image editors to create a viral meme. Although, you need to know that making viral memes is not everyone’s piece of cake. A meme stays on trend until it goes out of one. There will always be a constant rise and drop in the popularity of meme content.

A meme will be trending all over the world until a new one comes suddenly. The old ones will become outdated. The spirit of creating and sharing memes is to provoke relatability in a humorous way.

6. Understand the Context

Do not rush to share your meme until you know the context behind it. Ensure you have a proper schedule to create and share memes while it is still trending. Memes are extremely famous with younger audiences who likely will know the original context and make inside jokes about it.

Additionally, your memes need to be unique and authentic. Internet users come across millions of memes a day. If you want your memes to stand out and go viral, make sure to share the ones with relatable meanings.

To Wrap It Up

Memes have become a daily part of social media users’ lives. Anyone can create a meme on any topic today. Memes can be an effective and fun way to drive engagement, connect with your target audience, and increase visibility.

By incorporating memes in your marketing strategy, you can click the potential of relatability and humor that resonate with your target audience. Additionally, make use of the 6 strategies mentioned above to incorporate memes into your marketing strategy.


How Do I Create My Meme Using Bestmememaker?

Bestmememaker is an ideal space for you to make memes. Since it is a free meme text maker, you can create your memes free of cost. You can choose a template, upload an image, and customize it. After customization, you can download and share it on various social media channels. Try one to know more!

How to Create a Comedy Meme Using Best meme maker?

Making a connection between the meme contents, a humorous circumstance, a pressing societal issue, or any other aspect of daily life might make the memes funny. The language must be compelling and able to provoke a response from the viewers instantly. Bestmememaker is, of course, the best platform for humorous memes.

How Do I Make My Meme Animated?

Using the Animation menu, numerous text and picture animation effects can be found. After trying out a couple, pick the effects that perfectly match your meme genre. Then, begin customizing the meme using a good meme video maker like Bestmememaker. Eventually, you can post your meme online after you save it as an MP4 file.


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