5 Minute Read Guide on – Do’s and Don’ts for the successful IVF Cycle


So are you ready to be an IVF mother? I know it has been a long time since you were waiting for the day. And now that it has come it is difficult for you to handle the joy. No? But do not make any kind of mistakes in the excitement. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, “ As taking treatment from the IVF centre in Punjab is the last resort to the infertile couples, they should move heaven to earth in making the IVF pregnancy as successful as it can be.”

We know, that you were looking for a –
5 Minute Read Guide On Established Ways To Make Ivf A Success

So here are a few of the aspects which couples undergoing IVF treatment eager to know.

Umm…Umm…What about sex during IVF?
Are you trying to ask whether you should do it or not? LOL!
Surely, you can do it. You can have sex during ovarian stimulation. But make sure you are consulting your doctor to know whether you can have sex after the implantation phase or not.

Males, Hear That!
The women are quite natural to feel uncomfortable having sex as their ovaries are growing larger which is making it difficult for them to enjoy intercourse.

Is exercising or gyming safe during IVF? Am I allowed to do all kinds of possible exercises?
First of all, Exercise is good for the smooth functioning of the body. But when a woman is pregnant, she needs to avoid certain exercises or postures since you are not allowed to do anything that can impact the uterus and the other reproductive organs in any way. You can practise walking and yoga.

What kind of diet should you follow?
When a woman is pregnant, she needs to change her preferences and the specifications regarding the diet. This is the time when her diet needs to be super healthy.
You are not asked to leave everything. But the right way to eat the thing is ‘Moderation’. Since caffeine is something that is not at all suggested to pregnant women. But it does not mean that you can not have coffee. If you take only 1 cup a day, then it is okay. But if you are taking two, then it is not okay.
I accept that craving to eat certain things do happen during the pregnancy. But get the right definition of the same. Carving aims at satisfying your tastebuds and not your hunger so even one bite of the item you were willing to eat will go for satisfying your cravings.

Can I travel during the IVF Treatment?
You do not need to avoid all kinds of travel. A short trip of fewer than 20 kilometres is okay. But more than that could lead the woman to suffer from some b]short term health-related conditions. But the presented one was the generic answer. You need to consult your fertility specialist to get the right, individualised and health condition based answer for the same.


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